Oral Device

- 於睡前配戴上牙膠令下齶固定或向前拉至一適當位置。

- 由於物理性牽引作用,於熟睡時,可防止舌肌及軟組織因鬆弛向咽喉壓迫。

- 呼吸道阻礙得以消除,空氣通暢,鼻鼾聲亦大大降低。

- 由於呼吸道暢通,帶來氧份充足的睡眠;同時改善重複從睡夢中扎醒現象,使身體能進入有效的睡眠狀態。

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  • Oral Device
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    Made in UK Soft inner layer for secure, comfortable fit Durable outer layer to protect against wear and tear Fully adjustable - find the perfecting setting for you Allows you to move your jaw freely, works whether you sleep with your mouth open or closed ​ 在水中完全浸泡2分半鐘使口腔裝置軟化..